Salmorejo with crab meat and coriander

For those of you, who have tried gazpacho, you would love this!

Salmorejo is a tomato, bread and olive oil based cream or soup. It is super delicious. It is eaten specially during the hot summer months.

Here I leave you an easy and tasty recipe. I used crab meat and coriander, just to bring it to the next level.

First soak a day old bread, in water until it is tender. Better use Spanish or French bread!

Skin about 5 ripe tomatoes, and add them to a blender, with a clove of garlic, good splash of light vinegar and salt.

Next, add half of the soaked bread and blend everything until smooth. Continue adding bread if needed and extra virgin olive oil until the cream has a smooth, creamy consistency.

Taste it, and once you are happy with the flavor, chill the soup in the refrigerator for a few hours. 

Serve in a bowl and garnish it with cooked crab meat and coriander oil.

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