Meatballs rigatoni in tomato sauce.

What a dish!! Especially now that it´s winter. Everyone will love it, including children.

First you need to make the meatballs.

Get the best quality minced meat you can, preferably with some fat on it. Add salt, chopped garlic and parsley.

Soak some white bread in milk and add it also to the mix. Make golf balls sized meatballs and keep aside.

Now, make a delicious tomato sauce.

To do it you need to chop onions, garlic and a green pepper. Cook all the ingredients together in olive oil till soft. Now add a good amount of plummed tomatoes ( or tinned plummed tomatoes  ), together with a good pinch of salt and sugar. Let it cook for about an hour. Blitz everything with a food processor.

Now cook the meatballs with a small amount of olive oil till golden, and add the tomato sauce, cook for 15 min at a low heat.

Meanwhile cook the rigatoni according to the instructions. Drain and mix  it with the meatballs.

You can also bake it all together, for different results,


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