Wild Mushrooms picking


Autumn…… the best season for mushroom hunting.

In the Basque Country, the locals take it very serious and everyone has got their own secret spot hidden in the woods, where they go mushrooms picking. They don´t tell anyone, not even their friends or family. And I don’t blame them, if everyone knew, their would not be any mushrooms left to pick.

Anyway, my local friend Mikel Azpillaga, told me that he had been a whole year, asking a local farmer to reveal his secret spot to him, but he always refused to tell him. Last Friday after inviting the farmer to a few beers, he sort of told us…. his second best spot. Beer is always the way…

We did not wait… next day we went there…. and to our surprise this is what we got.


Mikel has got an  amazing cottage and land hidden in the woods in the middle of nowhere. After a successful morning we were invited there for lunch.

After we ate the delicious wild mushroom pasta, he decided to go for a walk, but he insisted we did not follow him. We sat and waited for him to come back while drinking some local apple cider with his family. After an hour he returned….. with THESE!!! From his secret spot. We will never know where it is!


And this is what we made… Wild Mushrooms, Clams and Wild herb Rice. MMMMMM!

And this….. Wild Mushroom Scramble Eggs.

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