Anchovies in vinegar or Boquerones

Anchovies in vinegar is a very popular tapa in Spanish bars. It is a delicious and healthy way of eating fish.

´Boquerones en vinagre… is how it´s called in Spanish.

How to make them.

We ask the fish mongers to remove the heads , guts and the bones.

Once home, we clean and wash them under fresh tap water and dry them. Place them nicely  in a deep container and cover them with white wine vinegar and a pinch of salt. ( make sure they are fully covered). Now freeze the container for 24 hour. This last step will kill all possible bacteria. Make sure you use very fresh anchovies.

Once passed the 24 hour, de-freeze the container .

Remove the vinegar and rinse the anchovies in cold water, pat them dry fully with kitchen paper . Place them in a new container  and add  finely chopped garlic, red chillies and chives.

Finish it off by covering them with  the best extra virgin olive oil you can get .

Keep refrigerated until eaten.



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