String Hoppers

MMMM….. The best word to describe them. String Hoppers are made from red rice flour, wheat flour,  salt and hot water. They are eaten in South of India and Sri Lanka.

My wife made these, the Sri Lankan way!!!! In Sri Lanka they eat them for breakfast, with Fish Curry, Potato Curry and Coconut Sambal.      THAT´S THE WAY TO START THE DAY!!

How to make them!!

Put the flour on a bowl with salt.

Pour some hot water and make a soft dough.

Oil the steaming trays.

Put a bit of the dough on the String Hopper Maker. Press it… till you get the noodle shape strings on the trays.

Steam the String Hoppers for 5 min.


Take them out!!! and eat with Curry of choice!!


1 comment for “String Hoppers

  1. Hana
    October 14, 2011 at 7:25 pm

    They are sooooo tasty with a runny curry and they are really healthy too! A must try they are nothing like you ever tasted before.

    To get the equipment you need to go to a Sri Lankan shop.

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