Lobster Paella

Best Paella ever!!!!! Simple and delicious.


First you will….

kill the lobster by putting it in boiling water for 2 min. Take it out and let it cool down. Next cut the lobster with a sharp knive in half, length-ways. Keep it for later.

In the same water you killed the lobster, add fish bones (you can get this from your fish mongers ) bring it to a boil and once boiling  keep at a very, very low heat. Add sea salt to the stock, make sure it is a bit salty, because once you add it to the rice it will lose some of the salt flavour, therefore  it will just be perfect.

Now cut a cuttlefish into small pieces and keep aside.

Mix in a mortar and pesto…. chopped garlic, one big tomato without the skin, Spanish smoked paprika and Spanish saffron.

Cooking time!

Cook it outdoors for best results. I used dried vine tree wood to light my fire. Place the Paella pan on the moderate flames. Add olive oil, once hot add the cuttlefish and cook for 2 min. Pour the mix you have made in the mortar and pesto, stir it for a 1 min or so, and add the Paella rice ( Arroz de Calasparra)and a small hand full of (fideo noodle) …..stir everything well, for another 2 min. Now add the hot fish stock.( Normally I  put 2 litres of stock, for a kilo of rice) But I don’t really measure it. Place the lobster on the pan and   wait until it starts boiling. Do not stir it anymore until its cooked. 12- 13 min. when the  rice is al dente.


Once the water is evaporated, take the pan out of the fire, and cover it with a cloth and let it rest for 3 min before eating eat.

Garnish with lemon.





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