Tuna Ventresca

For the Tuna lovers …Ventresca …. can be describe as the belly of the tuna.It is the fattiest part of the fish, therefore  is by far  the most tender and tastiest part of the tuna. The type of Tuna I have used is called Bonito, and this one in particular  is line-caught by hand. How can you go wrong!!!

How to cook it!

Pre heat the oven to maximum…. place the beautiful Tuna Ventresca in an oven tray greased with olive oil. Add salt! I used pink salt from the Himalaya.

Cook it for 7 min or less.

While the fish is in the oven, fry some sliced garlic and some dry chilies in plenty of Olive Oil.

When the garlic is golden, take the pan off the heat and add a bay leave.

Take the Ventrasca off the oven and pour the oil on top. You need to time this well, so that the garlic and the Ventresca finished cooking at the same time.

Now add a good amount of cider vinegar to the fish.  And shake the oven tray so that the juice of the Tuna, oil and vinegar mix well.

I normally pour all the juice back into a pan and mix it all again, until I get a thick sauce.

Garnish the Ventresca with chopped spring onions and pour the thick sauce on top!

Eat immediately preferably with bread.


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