Buttered Salted Red Mullet and Lentils.

Red mullet…is a beautiful fish that  eats tiny Crustaceans animals found on  the rocks near the shore, that´s why it is red in colour and tastes like prawns.


Ask the fish monger to clean them and cut  fillets for you.

Now, once back home place the fillets in a tray and  cover them  with lots of sea salt both sides, for 20 min…. just so the meat goes a bit firm. Then rinse the sea salt with cold water and dry properly.  Keep refrigerated till cooking time.

Cover the red and brown lentils in water for 2 hours, drain and keep.

The butter

Make the butter with plain flour, salt, cumin,parsley,a lot of vinegar, and beer ( or water ). You will know you have the right consistency when you pass a finger through the bottom of the bowl and the batter takes a few  seconds before it contracts back again.

Add the lentils to the butter, and mix.

Heat cooking oil in a deep pan. Add a little bit of the mix to the oil… if the mix rises to the surface it means that it is hot enough… to start cooking.

Toss the red mullet fillets in plain flour, next dip them in the batter and into the deep pan. Cook for 3 to 4 min. Take out and dry in kitchen paper.

Serve with your favorite sauce.


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