Turkey meatballs with peaches

These are the Ultimate summer meatballs …. taste it for yourself.

The meatballs

Make bite size meatballs with minced Turkey thighs, bread crumbs, salt and pepper. Toss them in flour and fry them in olive oil for about 3 min.

The sweet and sour sauce

Cook onions and leeks in a big pan. Once the onions and leeks are soft, add  chopped garlic and a big chopped  tomato without the skin. Cook for 5 min and pour some Dry Sherry. Let the alcohol reduce then cover with freshly made chicken stock. Cook for another 20 min.

Now blend the sauce and pass it through a sieve, so that it is really smooth. Bring it back to a boil with a cinnamon stick , a good amount of top quality peach marmalade and season with soy sauce.

Put the half cooked meatball back into the pan and cook, all together for another 10 min.

Remove the skin of a peach and cut it into segments. Cook them quickly in a hot pan until caramelized.

Now place the meatballs on a plate, the segments , pour the sauce on top and sprinkle some chooped parsley.


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