Potatoes with chorizo ( Patatas a la riojana )

Most famous dish in La Rioja.

There are as many ways to cook this dish, as there are houses in this wine land. The following is my own.

It is cheap, easy and full of flavor!

A good glass of Rioja red is a must with this dish.


Chorizo, potatoes, dry red peppers (Pimiento Choricero), garlic, Spanish paprika, tomato sauce, bay leave, thyme and salt.

Soak the dry peppers in hot water for 10 min. Then remove the most of the water and blend them with a clove of raw garlic.

Cut the potatoes rustic way  … chip them, like in the picture. This will thicken the sauce.

Now, fry some of the garlic, next add the paprika and fry for 1 min, make sure you don’t burn the paprika.

Follow by the potatoes with the bay leave and thyme.

Pour the pepper mix to the pan with the chorizo and a bit more of water.

Now add salt.

Let it cook with a lid at a low heat, until potatoes are soft.




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