Kokotxa Restaurant San sebastian. One Michelin Star

My brother in law and his wife just came to visit from the UK. They wanted to eat at a Michelin star restaurant. Here in San Sebastian, there are quite a few, but this one is good value for money, at least that´s what I think.

We went for the set menu, which costs 66 Euros each. Drinks not included.

Having BBQ 3 hours before was probably not the best of ideas, but it was their last night so, we ate, again.

Considering, we were full, we managed to finished the 8 courses.

Appetizer ( Pea soup )

Roasted  Octopus Salad
Scallops and baby squid.

Liquid Spanish Omelet ( best of all).

The fish of the day was a grouper, again very good!



Quail with chocolate.

Dessert Ice cream was one of the best I have tried.


Food was highly pleasant to the taste, service was a bit slow, but friendly. Recomended.

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